When considering the packaging of liquids in plastic or glass bottles, we must count on the high cost of both acquisition, storage and shipping, and the cost of broken bottles, faulty plastic bottles. A flexible plastic fluid bag with a screw or other closure is a cheap and reliable alternative to glass and plastic bottles. By using these bags on the packaging of liquids, you will reduce the storage, shipping and purchase costs. Additionally, these bags are completely recyclable and, thanks to the fact that they do not take almost any place to relieve the environment after they are emptied.

This is actually a stand-up pouch that has been added to the closure so that the liquid can be comfortably removed from the package and the container can be closed. Solid barrier films will provide the product with sufficient protection.

These packages are widely used. Liquid soaps and liquid detergents, replacement and refill packs, oil, beverages and more can be filled in.

Our offer is divided into 2 categories:

> Out of stock

Packaging that we have in stock is ready for shipment. Please contact us for the current warehouse status.

Available colors: clear transparent and matt transparent (frosted)

Sizes: 100 ml to 1 l

The minimum order is 1000 pieces (different packages can be combined).

> Printing on customer request (custom-made)

Tell us your requirements for design, size, load, color and we will produce your packaging according to your ideas.

The minimum order is 10,000 to 14,000 pieces.

We also offer further modifications for your packaging:

  • > 10 mm diameter cap
  • > 22 mm diameter cap
  • > Closure on the side (skisen by 45%) – filling through the package (top weld remains open)
  • > Top closure – filling through the cap
  • > Rotogravure printing up to 9 colors